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Pink Ribbon – Breast Cancer Locket Charm

Every year, the pink ribbon day is observed across the world to commemorate the fighters of breast cancer who are strong and courageous enough to not let the disease define them. At least one out of 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer, and it’s one of the prevailing diseases that claim many lives of women. Therefore, we’ve come up with a floating charm that is perfect for the national breast cancer day!

Whether you’re a part of the breast cancer campaign or you want to gift it to your loved ones undergoing the treatment, get this adorable ribbon charm locket to show your support and love for the victims who are fighting the battle. The pink ribbon symbolizes the day universally and connects you to millions of girls supporting for the same cause.

The breast cancer locket charm is designed with delicacy and is made of zinc alloy and plated with high-quality silver. The floating charm comes in 8mm that can easily be added into a collection of charms present in your locket.

Grab your pink ribbon charm here. Upon purchasing the gift set, 1$ will be donated to the Breast Cancer Angels, a non-profit organization that extends a helping hand towards the women suffering from breast cancer.